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Vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) causes and symptoms

Vaginal discharge (vaginal discharge) causes and symptoms

What are vaginal discharge the symptoms of?

Vaginal discharge, also fluorine Herpes called, expressed through the separation of a small amount of white and odourless secretions, the White River (Fluor albus) is called. This process repeats itself almost daily and is why he also occurs when each woman one of the essential body functions of the female body. The amount of secreted mucus varies from woman to woman and changed during the menstrual cycle. visit Obat Keputihan Alami

When might the discharge possibly questionable?

The normal, daily flow of white consists of cells of the vaginal mucous membrane and fluid that is secreted from the cervix. It contains a variety of lactic acid bacteria, which ensure that no pathogens invading from the outside of the vagina spread out and can proliferate. A change in the quantity and quality of the effluent of the female cycle is normal.

For example the amount of vaginal discharge increases just before ovulation and the start of menstruation. In the middle of the cycle, the discharge is very thin and transparent, while he is rather viscous shortly before and shortly after the period. It becomes concern only if the change of the effluent from these normal changes in color or consistency. The outflow is about frothy, slimy, crumbly or even purulent or bloody, this can indicate a disease or an unnatural change. A color change of the effluent of an alarm signal is whitish to greenish or brownish. Occur in addition to these changes also have symptoms such as itching or burning sensation in the vagina, sometimes while urinating, redness or swelling in any case a doctor should be consulted.
Possible causes and triggers of vaginal discharge, which diseases can put behind it?

A morbidly changed vaginal discharge can be triggered by a variety of factors. Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, Flagellates (Trichomonas) or gonorrhea, that can be transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse, include as well, such as allergic reactions, a fungal infection, stress, or foreign objects such as E.g. a tampon that is forgotten in the vagina. He is in many cases also caused by a vaginal infection, which is caused by the fact that the vaginal flora is advised in the vagina out of balance and the protection functions can therefore not more reasonable work. This can often be to hormone fluctuations or a lack of hormones can be traced back.

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